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Get SC-100-INFO at any courthouse or county law library or go to www. courts. ca.gov/smallclaims/forms. 110 et seq. 116. 220 c 116. 340 g Small Claims SC-100 Page 1 of 5 Plaintiff list names The plaintiff the person business or public entity that is suing is Name Phone Street address Street City State Zip Mailing address if different If more than one plaintiff list next plaintiff here Check here if more than two plaintiffs and attach form SC-100A. Check here if you need more space. Attach one...
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Who Needs Form SC-100?

Form SC-100 is officially called Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claim Courts. The form is created for the court cases that involve more than $10,000. Form SC-100 must be filled out by the plaintiff, a person who is suing another individual.

What is Form SC-100 for?

The purpose of the Form SC-100 is to resolve private disputes that don’t involve large sums of money. With this form an individual can file a claim against another person based on financial disputes or other accidents that don’t involve more than $10,000. However, before taking the lawsuit to the court a plaintiff is recommended to try settling the dispute on their own. Suing somebody usually takes much time and money. A plaintiff will have to pay attorney’s fee as well as other costs regarding the lawsuit. Therefore, it may be less time and money consuming to resolve the issue without dragging it to the court.

Is From SC-100 Accompanied by Other Forms?

Besides a claim itself, a plaintiff is allowed to provide documents to prove the case. Plaintiff must also make the copy of all pages of the form and provide each party involved in the case with the copy of the claim.

When is Form SC-100 due?

Date, time and address where the hearing will take place is identified by the clerk and put down in a special section of the form.

How Do I Fill out Form SC-100?

In total there are five pages of the Form SC-100. Only two pages are fillable ones. The rest of the pages are instructions to the form. You have to fill out eleven fields providing your identifying information and defendant’s name and contact details. You must also identify how much money a defendant owes to you, the reason for filing the claim at specific courthouse, etc.

Where Do I Send Form SC-100?

The original of the claim and its copies are mailed to the clerk office to be signed and dated.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sc 100
Instructions and Help about small claims forms
Hey guys what×39’s up it's Richard I got this question from Kelly and she×39;asking about small claims court forms guess she×39’s getting sued by a creditor for some money that she owes and she×39;looking for some guidance on forms whereto find them how they work so IN×39’m not lawyer I can't give you legal advice butchered×39’s nothing wrong with me pointing you to the website the Ministry future in general I'll dig it up I'll put the link in the bottom of the video guess in the comments section so toucan find all the forms there their×39;usually ancillary forms and guideline son how to fill out the forms with each form in small claims court you can actor yourself IN×39’ve dealt in the small claims court system myself a number of occasions, so there's a lot of useful information there on how to fill out the forms and how to submit them the clerks are usually fairly helpful in the courts, so I'll give you all that information as far as how to specifically deal with the forms and the plaintiff I can×39’t speak to that again'm not a licensed professional we Mohave licensed professionals on staff here a total debt freedom so if you have question about some debt that you have maybe the creditor or the collection agencies suing you or threatening to sue you and you×39’re not really sure what you might be able to do we×39’re happy to Putin in front of those licensed legal professionals, and they can take a look for you and offer a little of advice we may even be able to help you through the process as well by negotiating much lower payout on what you owe I'll dig up that link for you Kelly×39’ll go in the comments below if you'begot any questions IN×39’ll throw a number up also in the video, and you can always give us a should just have your statements together, and we'll be able to work out something for you and let you know what your options might look like even if it's not ours we'll send you coffin the right directions again like these videos it helps reproduce these contents if you have any further questions just throw them in the comments, or you can also send me private message on Facebook×39’ll never disclose your identity who you are or anything like that but subscribe to the YouTube channel and keep sending your questions we×39’ll talk to you guys later ciao butt


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